Safety is our commitment!

A lot of companies like to claim that safety is their top priority, but we really do mean it!

All of our employees go through extensive training process, which includes First Aid \ CPR Training, equipment training, and any applicable Operator Qualification training. As part of supporting our safety standards we even start every week with a staff-wide, hour long safety meeting.

Weekly Safety Meetings

Our commitment to safety is supported by holding mandatory safety meetings every Monday morning.

We believe that it is imperative to start the week with a relevant safety topic which precedes a group discussion of the work that will be performed through the week.

Safety Compliance

Taft Construction Company employs a full-time Safety Coordinator whose responsibilities ensure that the company is at the forefront of new regulations and safety rules.

Our safety coordinator, in coordination with staff management, performs regular audit of our safety policies to ensure proper compliance.

On Site Safety

Every day our employees practice on-site safety. This begins with a tailgate safety meeting before any work is performed and includes a secondary tailgate safety meeting right after lunch.

Our safety coordinator also performs on-site safety audits to ensure that our safety practices are being adhered to.

Safety Memberships and Compliance Services

Midwest Energy Association Energy-U


DISA Global Solutions




National Compliance Management Service

National Compliance Management