Taft Construction Company currently has worked in New Mexico (License #17772), Texas, Colorado, Arizona (License #090667), Kansas, Oklahoma and Wyoming (License #24013487), Utah License (License 7605361-5501).

Taft Construction Company provides the following services:

New Construction, maintenance and repair work on all systems including water, sewer, oil and gas piping, drain lines, steam piping, stainless steel tubing and associated components such as coolers, compressors, vessels, pump valves and operators.  Taft Construction Company has equipment to perform heat exchanger tubing bundle cleaning (power reaming and brushing of interior of tubes to remove sediments) and pneumatic testing for tube integrity.  We also do retirement of equipment and removal of pier and foundations.  Most recent work includes cooling modules, PLC shutdowns, meter runs, inlet scrubber replacement and regenerator replacement.

All insulation needs including blankets and pipe insulation.  Insulation work can be permanent or temporary.

Lines, containments (PVC, HDPE), uncovering pipeline for inspection and coating, erosion control and rip-rap work, drain line construction, inspection and repair, pond retirement.

Taft Construction Company has a 25 ton hydraulic boom truck with rigging available with two (2) qualified operators.

Basic structural welding to certified pipeline work as necessary.

Foundations and supports, concrete slabs and containments, drainage channels, retaining walls.  (We also install “Sioux Steel” containments including liners).

New construction and remodeling on all types of construction and materials (i.e. steel frame, masonry and wood) including office remodel work, control rooms, equipment buildings, etc.   We also do maintenance and installation of HVAC ductwork and equipment.